nightbuses from Derby, Nottingham and Mansfield

Out all night? So are we! Every Friday & Saturday we run nightbuses after midnight across trentbarton land up until 4am.

There goes your excuse to leave the party early...

All trentbarton tickets, including zigzag, zigzag duo and zigzag group, are valid on nightbuses until 4am, except for 2trip tickets. 2trip tickets are only valid until 12am.

zigzag, zigzag duo and zigzag group are not valid on pronto

Check out our list of routes below that run nightbuses. Want a helpful tip? Most bus stations close at midnight, so nightbuses start and end their journeys from different stops.


H1 towards Heanor
Stop C3 - 12.05am, 1.05am, 2.05am and 3.05am


indigo towards Nottingham via Borrowash and Long Eaton
Stop C8 - 1.10am, 2.10am and 3.10am


ilkeston flyer towards Ilkeston via Spondon
Stop C8 - 12.45am, 1.45am and 2.45am

ilkeston flyer

the nines 9.1 towards Alfreton via, Kilburn and Ripley
Stop C3 - 12.30am, 1.30am and 2.45am


red arrow towards Nottingham via the QMC
Stop C8 - 12.15am, 12.45am, 1.15am, 1.45am, 2.15am and 2.45am

red arrow

the sixes 6.3 towards Belper Estates via Duffield
Stop C8 - 1.00am, 2.00am and 3.00am

sixes 6.3

X38 towards Burton-upon-Trent
Stop B4 - 12.30am, 1.30am and 2.30am




calverton connection towards Calverton via Sherwood and Arnold
Stops P1 and T6 - 12.00am, 1.00am, 2.00am and 3.00am

calverton connection

the cotgrave towards Cotgrave via West Bridgford
X1 Mount Street & S4 Carrington Street - 12.20am and 1.20am

the cotgrave

i4 towards Sandiacre via Stapleford
F3 Friar Lane - 12.00am, 1.00am, 2.00am and 3.00am


indigo towards Derby and Long Eaton via Beeston and Chilwell
F4 Friar Lane:
Long Eaton - 12.10am and then every 30 mins until 3.40am
Derby: 12.00am, 1.10am and 2.10am


keyworth connection towards Keyworth via West Bridgford
C11 Canal Street & S3 Carrington Street - 12.30am, 1.30am and 2.30am

the keyworth

pronto towards Mansfield
stops V4 (outisde Boots)
12.05am (from Victoria Bus Station) 1.30am and 3.00am


rainbow one towards Eastwood and Heanor via Nuthall and Kimberley
Stops T8 and U1:
Eastwood - 12.05am, 12.35am, 1.05am, 1.35am, 2.05am, 2.35am, 3.05am and 3.35am
Heanor - 3.05am and 3.35am

rainbow one

red arrow towards Derby via QMC
Stop U1 - 12.00am, 1.00am, 1.30am, 2.00am, 2.30am, 3.00am and 3.30am

red arrow

skylink towards East Midlands Airport via Long Eaton
F1 Friar Lane & C10 Canal Street - 12.00am, 1.00am, 2.00am and 3.00am

skylink Nottingham

the threes towards Sutton via Hucknall and Kirkby (please request to your driver)
12.30am, 1.00am, 1.30am, 2.00am, 2.30am, 3.00am and 3.30am


the two towards Ilkeston and Cotmanhay
Stops T8 and U4 - 12.15am, 1.15am, 2.15am and 3.15am

the two

mainline towards Bingham via Radcliffe
F2 Friar Lane & S4 Carrington Street - 1.00am, 2.00am and 3.00am




the threes towards Kirkby via Sutton bus station and Huthwaite
Mansfield Leeming Street - 12am, 1am, 2am and 3am (Saturday night only)


pronto towards Nottingham via Newstead and Redhill
Mansfield Leeming Street - 12.45am and 2.15am


N12 via Warsop, Church Warsop and Shirebrook
Mansfield Leeming Street - 12am, 1am, 2am and 3am (Saturday night only)