student bus travel in Nottingham and Derby

It’s hard to make those student loan payments last all year. Even if you live on beans on toast, hunt down second hand books and stick to one gig or student club night a month, your bank account will no doubt be looking a little sorry for itself come the end of each term.
So make sure that you’ve got the essentials covered in advance – and save cash – with trentbarton!

pay as you go student bus travel

25% off adult fares

why student mango?

smart students pick student mango and save 25% on adult single cash fares to make that student loan go further. One simple card, rechargeable on-line, means you can say goodbye to using cash when you travel.

mango on NET trams

You can use your mango on NET trams in Nottingham, simply touch on at a validator at the tram stop and touch off at the stop you get off at.


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 why pick mango?

One simple card, rechargeable online means you can say goodbye to cash when you travel. mango works like an oyster card, you simply top your mango up with credit from your online account, and touch it on and off when you're on the bus, saving you a massive 25% off cash fares. You can even set-up auto top-ups, so when your credit drops below a set amount, it'll zap some funds back on so you're never caught short.

You can also use it on the tram!

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