with saver, pay once and all your travel needs are sorted in one go!

Buy upfront and get unlimited travel with trentbarton across the zones that suit you - or choose the whole of trentbarton land with saver (excludes pronto). 

That’s right, we’ll reward you with a really good price – look at it as an easier, cheaper way of travelling every day – but we’ll throw in the weekends too, 24/7. Plus, the longer you buy for, the more you’ll save!

You can get a saver to last for as long as a year, or as short a time as just 7 days.

Get your hands on saver right now - just complete the 'buy online' form below, and buy online - it's safe, secure and easy.

If internet shopping isn’t for you – that’s not a problem… pop along to a trentbarton shop located in Nottingham's Victoria bus station or Derby bus station and you can just buy and go – along with a helping hand if you need it too.

Please note - saver cards can't be used on pronto buses.

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* trentbarton land savers can also be used on all Kinchbus services.


 student savers

Our student savers are based on an academic year, from 1 September until 31 July and can be purchased until the end of October.

To purchase a student saver you must have a valid academic email address which a confirmation email will be sent to confirm your student status.

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If your saver is lost or stolen, you can report it using the button below, and we'll get a new saver sent out to you.

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