Modern Slavery Act 2015

statement of compliance as at August 2019, from Wellglade Limited – including Trent Motor Traction Company Limited, t/a trentbarton, and all other Wellglade Group subsidiaries

One of our fundamental beliefs is that everyone has the right to work in a respectful and professional environment, free of any abusive or unprofessional conduct, and that this commitment extends beyond our own organisation; in terms of working with our suppliers, to ensure our supply chain organisations also ensure a fair and respectful workplace for all.

The Group Board has considered the risk of modern slavery within all areas of our operations, and has assessed the risk to be low. The reason for this analysis being that the company and all associated operations are performed as services solely within England.

All companies within the Group are service providers, and as such, our largest resource is our employees. We carefully check that all of our employees have the right to work in this country, and we ensure that our pay rates are at or above the relevant National Minimum Wage and / or Living Wage. We also expect a commitment to these principles from all of the organisations we do business with, and we will not support or do business knowingly with organisations involved in any form of modern slavery.

This policy will be reviewed annually.

next review due, August 2021